Form-Based Code is a new zoning code

Form-Based Code adds Chapter 19.09 to the city’s existing zoning code

Form-Based Code regulates by focusing on form, then use

Form-Based Code focuses on the relationship between building and street, making places more pedestrian and bicycle friendly

Form-Based Code provides certainty for developers and property owners

Form-Based Code allows for a more efficient building review process

Form-Based Code uses transects rather than “zones” to regulate density of activity rather than by uses

Access the drafts and completed documents of the new Downtown Las Vegas Form-Based Code!
You can leave comments on the Draft Form-Based Code through the Feedback pages, or by utilizing the Comments form at the bottom of this page. If you have any specific comments on the Code, a reference to the specific chapter, section, or page number will help us better address them. Thank you!

The Las Vegas Medical District Form-Based Code has been adopted on October 17, 2018. The new regulations set by the Form-Based Code are now effective for the area designated as “Las Vegas Medical District Pilot Area” (see map below). You can access below the current Form-Based Code as adopted, and download a copy HERE or via the City of Las Vegas online zoning code page.

Las Vegas Medical District Form-Based Code as adopted for the Pilot Area on October 17, 2018 

Las Vegas Medical District Form-Based Zoning

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