Partnership with UNLV for the Historic Westside

The UNLV Downtown Design Center, in partnership with the city of Las Vegas and the Ward 5 Office, began working on strategic planning for the Historic Westside District three years ago, in an effort that culminated in the Hundred Plan for the Historic Westside Community (“Hundred Plan”), completed in May 2016. Much like a traditional Special Area Plan, the document, built upon several previous planning initiatives and new community outreach efforts, identifies the existing opportunities to support future development that is in line with the vision of the current residents and stakeholders and, at the same time, will allow for a revitalization of one of the most culturally and historically significant of the Las Vegas valley.

In relation to the development of Urban Form development standards, due to the extensive work that the Downtown Design Center has done for the Hundred Plan, the partnership between the city of Las Vegas and UNLV will now try to incorporate the recommendations on land use, standards, and public realm configuration into the Urban Form of the Historic Westside District as identified in the Vision 2045 Las Vegas Downtown Masterplan.

One thought on “Partnership with UNLV for the Historic Westside

  1. The UNLV Downtown Design Center is currently in the process of completing and writing up their report of their $100,000 interlocal study, similar to the “Hundred Plan” specifically on our NARA Northwest Area Residents Association 732 home triangle. The Charrette/workshop was done in February. The consultants came up with some very objective and insightful input. It would seem that NARA would be an optimum study to consider for identifying Rural Preservation as an Overlay District with the new FBC/zoning concept.

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