Ongoing: Form-Based Code Open House!

Thank you to all the community members that attended the Form-Based Code (FBC) community workshops last week. It was very exciting to see many of you engaged about the long-term vision for our downtown Las Vegas neighborhoods. We would like continue to give everybody a chance for feedback on the draft Form-Based Code (FBC) for the Las Vegas Medical District with ongoing Open House hours at our Planning Department’s Development Services location. Anybody that would like to know more about the Form-Based Code (FBC) or has specific questions on this project is welcome to visit the Planning Department’s Staff at the times indicated below. We plan on keeping this FBC Open House through the month of April and May.

Staff will be present and able to show all FBC-related material and documentation. If you would like to meet as a group on a specific date, RSVPs are appreciated so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. To RSVP, simply e-mail us at

Open House Times and Location
Mondays: 11 am to 12 pm
Thursdays: 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Location: Planning Department Studio, Development Services Center (DSC) – 3rd Floor, 333 N Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89106

One thought on “Ongoing: Form-Based Code Open House!

  1. Mr. Mastino: As a Rural Preservation Overlay District in Ward #5 we have a special interest in how FBC will accomodate RNP communities, with the most important aspect being functional buffering based on a graduation of the Title #19 zoning heirarachy in complience with the 2005 intent and purpose. As it stands, Title #19.10.180 is in effect a deference ordinance. This will be addressed in the near future. We have a new Ward #5 councilman and we are now looking forward to some constructive efforts. We have been left out of the loop recently, and it was only by our own initiative and curiousity that we came upon your program. NARA needs to be hands on involved with FBC in regards to Rural Preservation. We would appreciate being on “your list” for any meetings in the future regarding RNP. Got your great e-mail of april 12th. THANK YOU!
    I also watched your presentation at the Planning Commission on the 10th. Lex Anderson

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