Las Vegas Medical District Form-Based Code Final Draft Presentation!

Good morning Las Vegas!

This upcoming Thursday, June 28th, all residents and stakeholders are invited to a presentation of the Final Draft of the Las Vegas Medical District Form-Based Code (FBC)!

After one year since the start of the project, and seven months to review and refine the Public Review Draft based on the feedback we received, the introduction of the Form-Based Code to the City of Las Vegas Planning Commission is scheduled for July 10th.

City Staff will illustrate the insights of the FBC, and be available to answer any question you might have on the upcoming downtown zoning updates!

Join us on June 28th at the Las Vegas Valley Water District, 1001 S. Valley View Boulevard. Two meetings will be hosted at the times below:

9-11 a.m.


6-8 p.m.

Note: the July 10th Planning Commission will only introduce the Form-Based Code Text into the Unified Development Code, and does not change the current zoning of properties – this will require a Rezoning action, for which all property owners will be notified by mail.

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