Historic Westside Form Based Code Draft Ready for Public Comment!

After almost a year of work with community members, stakeholders, and the help of Lisa Wise Consulting, the zoning code update for the Historic Westside District of Downtown is ready to be presented to the public. Tonight, 7/30/2020, at 5:00pm at City Hall the Planning Department Staff will be presenting the elements of the new standards that were drafted after completing surveys, interviews, and a community hands –on workshop hosted on February 26 at the Historic Westside School.

The second item is the actual development standards for the new zoning districts shown in the map. The document below shows the development standards for the entire downtown region. The specific changes for the Historic Westside district are highlighted in red for your convenience. The new standards will be presented to the Planning Commission on August 11, 2020 and to City Council in September.

Below are the final drafts that resulted from these parts of the initiative. The first item is a proposed regulating plan showing where the new zoning would apply in the neighborhood. Please note that for the new zoning to be effective, a general plan amendment and rezoning items will have to be approved in October/November 2020. This action will be publicly notified to all property owners.

If you want to give feedback on this important project you can contact the Planning Department at (702) 229-6301, leave comments on this website, or attend tonight’s meeting in person or via WebEx at the following link: shorturl.at/msuZ4

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