Form-Based Code Version 2.0 – Fremont East Update is ready for public comment!

Since the implementation of the Form-Based Code for the Las Vegas Medical District Pilot, the City of Las Vegas Department of Planning has been reaching out to residents of the Fremont East District to hear their thoughts on their future vision of the area, and what kind of development standards are needed to get there.

We are now publishing the draft of the Fremont East Form-Based Code text in order to allow for public review and comments. The text of the Code builds from the general framework that was laid out for the Las Vegas Medical District, but adds several zones and standards that have been created to specifically cater to the context of Fremont East.

See the text linked below. Any comments are accepted via the buttons on the site pages, or via phone at 702-229-6301. You can also expand the document itself and comment directly on the section of the Code you want to give us feedback on, by clicking this icon:

Related to the Fremont East FBC update, the proposed application of the new Zones, or Zoning Districts, is shown below as a draft.

One thought on “Form-Based Code Version 2.0 – Fremont East Update is ready for public comment!

  1. I would like more information as to how this impacts the McDonald’s restaurant on Fremont Street.

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