Following the LVMD, FBC approved for Fremont East!

Following an 11-month planning process, on October 16, the City Council voted to approve the rezoning of 226 acres within the Las Vegas Fremont East District to the new zoning code Chapter 19.09, known as the Downtown Form-Based Code (FBC). This marks the second important step for the Form-Based Code project, which, over time, seeks to implement this innovative type of development code in all areas of downtown. The primary goal of the new zoning standards and related procedures is to modernize development regulations to implement the Downtown Masterplan that was adopted in 2016, which advocates for high quality of development, walkability and human scale of our downtown environment, and support to transportation improvement via design and addition of available housing. The FBC has been drafted in a coordinated effort between the city of Las Vegas Planning Department and Lisa Wise Consulting, a nationally renowned planning firm.

On the same day in which the rezoning of the new District was being approved, the FBC was also being recognized by the Nevada Chapter of the American Planning Association with the Outstanding Implementation Plan award in the course of the annual State Planning conference!

APA 2019 award to the FBC!

The Planning Department has already begun taking in project applications for all properties under this new code, and will monitor the project flow to assess the outcomes of the new regulations. The FBC is now applicable to the Pilot Area of the Las Vegas Medical District and Fremont East (see the zoning maps HERE and, for Fremont East, below).

As new standards and procedures apply under the FBC, Planning Staff is available to all property owners and residents at the Development Services Center (333 N Rancho Drive – 3rd Floor) or at 702-229-6301 to answer questions or listen to your feedback on this initiative!

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