Form-Based Codes (FBCs) are different from traditional zoning codes, and the Downtown Las Vegas FBC is the first of its kind in the State of Nevada. During the drafting phase of the code, the Feedback menu allows for you to actively participate in the conversation on the upcoming makeover of downtown’s development regulations through the MapIt and MarkUp pages.

The MapIt page allows you to make observations specific to a site within the downtown area, and address any FBC-related topics by pin-pointing on the map.

The MarkUp page allows you to comment directly on the public review drafts related to the different districts for which, over time, the FBC will be applied.
Note: The comments regarding the LVMD Public Review Draft have been integrated into the Final Draft version of the document, which can be found at THIS page. The MarkUp feature for the draft has been deactivated.
You can always provide feedback on the Form-Based Code by leaving a comment on any page of the website, or by calling the Planning Department at 702-229-6301.